Hello there! I'm Ana, an artist, a mother, a wine drinker, a moon lover and an illustrator who resides currently in Hampshire, UK. After starting a journey into art in 2012 I had a significant break to travel, discover culture and then to have my son. Now in light of the Covid-19 pandemic I have rekindled the passion and love that comes with bringing joy through illustration. 

My main focus is floral designs and interpretation of nature. My journey into art starts very far away from the style I have today. A fascination with using different mediums mean that I have scrapbook sketchbooks piled high in my attic or in a big black box in my bedroom. The documentation of travel and growth became very important to me, to create something to set those memories in. Intertwined with different texture and surface I used a LOT of black ink. Writing and drawing, a running commentary of the life that was and is unfolding infront of me. The work I do now is an evolution of years of exploration, finding something that feels comfortable yet constantly challenges, but always with an outcome that I can truely say I like to look at.

There is a few reasons for chosing such a saturated illustration subject such as floral designs. Flowers always have a deeper meaning, I have deep memories that have been uncovered by just recreating a simple image of a chysthemum. We associate different flowers with different emotions - nearly every sentiment imaginable can be expressed with flowers or foliage.

I sell my works and do commisions, feel free to shoot me a message and we can talk!

Give my instagram a follow @anaseraart and watch my journey. 💕🌿